iyansenWayan Sudarsana Yansen, is an Indonesian artist who creates intricate abstract paintings that are filled with energy and movement. By working primarily with oil on canvas, Yansen attains a wonderful translucent quality within his work and is able to achieve this through soft fluid lines and vibrant splashes of dispersed colour that interact between one another. His expressive pieces play with line, dimension and colour, producing a hypnotic image that transports one to another era. 

He has exhibited his works all over Indonesia and also has had several solo shows locally. Most notably, his first solo exhibition entitled The Joy of Light, Dance and Mystery, was shown at the National Gallery of Indonesia and in 2011 he exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris.

In recent years, Yansen has participated in several shows around the world. Since the Indonesian based artist had his first solo exhibition in 2010 entitled “The Joy of Light, Dance and Mystery” at the National Gallery of Indonesia, he went on to exhibit in Paris at the Grand Palais, as well as in Russia at The-10 Dialogues Biennale Manege at the Main Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg Federation in 2011. The following year his works were exhibited at the Bali Art Fest Asia, and in 2013 and 2014 he had pieces displayed the National Gallery of Indonesia for the 40’s Finalist Exhibition and 1st International Art Exhibition Indonesia-China respectively.

Most recently, Yansen’s work was exhibited at the Ricart Gallery Miami in a group show last April. He was clearly no stranger to the Miami scene, having already established himself at the gallery’s 2013 group exhibition. The artist’s work was displayed twice in 2014 at the FACES exhibition and at another group show in September later that year.

Yansen’s exuberant pieces are passionate and powerful, yet attain a great sense of delicacy and fragility at the very same time. The beauty in his abstract works lie in the ambiguity of them, where one is left to be absorbed by his enigmatic, ingenious works of art. The luminous effect and layering of rhythmic patterns in Yansen’s paintings seem to be achieved so gracefully and effortlessly. The majestic scape he creates almost transforms into an oil spill of the most beautiful, sprightliest of colours.

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